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Find the right color code for your vehicle

Start the search using your car data (selecting make, model and year), with a quick search by searching by color code or color code name or select your car brand logo.

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How to Find the Colour Code

Quick search by color code or color name

Do you already know your color code or do you remember the color name given by the manufacturer?

Enter the Code or color name and a list of models compatible with the search will open.

How to correctly identify and purchase the paint for your car

Only on VerniciSpray you can find the widest range of colour codes on the market with more than 150,000 car colors always available with 24 hours shipping. With thousands of codes, it is essential to understand how to buy the paint for your car correctly, for this reason we have created this website section to help you with the search. First of all, the color code is the most important information to find your car paint, it is written on a label or on a metal plate in the vehicle, if you know the paint code the search will be very simple.

Find the color of your car: start by selecting the make

Click on your brand logo below. In this way we will accompany you, step by step, to first find the plate in the car, and finally the paint of the correct color code.

On VerniciSpray you will find everything for a professional Car Touch Up like at the body shop: Bodywork Touch Up Spray Paint in the original color of your car, High Glossy two-component clear coats, Primer, Primers, 2k or 1k spray putty

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